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Orange tabby kitten lying down gazing at the camera

The Tiny Organization With Big Ideas

​On The Forefront of Animal Welfare: Our critical mission of life-saving work has its home in our Calais Shelter, but it doesn’t stop there. We work side by side with community members to address the urgent needs of companion animals and families, to reduce overpopulation and the suffering it causes and to create a culture of kindness in Washington County, Maine.

About PAWS Brave Hearts

PAWS is a tax-exempt 501C3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide and promote compassionate care to dogs and cats in Washington County and to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.

Long haired black kitten sitting and staring at the camera with adorable face

Donate Today

Paws is a no-kill and nonprofit animal welfare center that relies almost solely on private donations to meet our operating expenses. Our work is performed on a "shoestring budget" with more than 95% of donations directly supporting the costs of animal care.

Four adorable kittens (calico, orange, black and gray) snuggled on a red and white blanket


Let us help you find your perfect new companion. We have new animals entering our care all the time.

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